Find out about the new Rocket-Module System, Space Exploration and Everplant Modding API now.

Rockets 🚀

We're starting small with new insights into creating the rockets. The following video is'nt a concept anymore but fully working!

This model enables the player to completly customize their own rocket.

In addition, I'm working on a mode that allows the inner life of it to be experienced. During longer jouneys, it might be fun to acutally walk in it and increases the apppreciation and connection between the player and it's rocket significantly.

But anyway, right now, ther're fundamental problems that still require work to get solved. For example, actually placing the rocket looks odd - the tile-transitions are still to be made.

Planets 🪐

By the way, space is finally working - that's a real breakthrough! Of course, the scenery still looks very lonely, the spaceship is a placeholder and must behave differently...

Image from Gyazo

Here are a few things i still plan to do:

  • Alien Civilizations (combat and trading)
  • Multiplayer compatability
  • Replacing the placeholder-texture of the rocket with the module-based one
  • Realistic physics (velocity, inertia etc.) for both the rocket and planets.

Wait for Galaxy Update Vol. III to find out more!

APIs 🛠️

Image from Gyazo
Everplant Modding Platform

Everplant is yours! This philosophy now comes down to the core. Until now, adding new blocks was easy, but didn't leave much space for efficient custom-behaviour coding. This has changed with three new functions kicking: in:

func _on_got_built():
# First thing to do when getting placed. (adjusting texture, connecting with neighboured blocks etc.)

func _on_hit():
# Action to execute when getting a hit (for example, a tree might leave a fruit). Some blocks require multiple hits to break.

func _on_destroy():
# Last thing to do until getting destroyed. (adding XP, leaving loot, play a sound etc.)

Given this new power, I'm looking forward to where this journey will take us next!

See y'all in the next blogpost + Discord! ^^