• Introducing Everplants new Logo
  • Discover Mars: Everplant goes Multiplanetary
  • WorldGen Advancements: The new Forests and Meadows

To create a new logo, i looked up many inspiring logos. In fact, they were so many, that i can't even tell you which one exacly influenced the final draft.

Although the background and decoration is still missing, I'm very happy with the new design and I'm interested in your thoughts. The new logo aims to feature better readability in small formats and contains a certain sense of freedom and detachment through the slant letters.

The Font of the new Logo:

The old logo (The white color is somehow taking over the design):

Which one do you like the most? Tell me in the comments :)


  • The new logo is not finished, a wood-background similar to the old logo will be added soon.
  • The new logo will not replace the old one completly. In some formats, the old one fits better. In a long term perspective, there will be only one logo.

Discover Mars: Everplant goes Multiplanetary

Early work in progress

To design the concept for Mars, i took a deep view into Science.

To find a good color for the iconic surface of the big red planet, i took this picture and used the avarage color into Aseprite.

In Universe Sandbox 2, i found the right materials. The red stone is actually called Regolith. The gray stones are the Enstatites.

Do you prefer simple names like "Red Stone" or the scientificly correct expressions?
Do you like the new textures? What's missing?


  • Craters and holes are coming soon. Due to the in-game time (sunrise), the red color in the in-game screenshot is a lot more brown than it actually is.

WorldGen Advancements: The new Forests and Meadows

The WorldGen-System has improved significantly!

Up to now, all the default content in Everplant is done using the Everplants Advanced Modding API. This means three things:

  • Everything seen in Everplant can be modded. There are no limitations!
  • To add the new subbiomes (Forests and Meadows inside the Plains-Biome), I had to open the Game Engine exacly Zero times ^^
  • Content can be added in almost instantly and is incediby simple.

To showcase the power of the new system, which is about 80% finished (you might want to read the previous blogpost), I added the beautiful forests (containing maple-trees) and the Meadows, which are containing the following flowers:

Do you like the new flowers? Which one is still missing?

What's still on my To-Do list for the new flowers:

  • Make the flowers shake when you walk though them
  • If the flowers are in a zone with low humidity (dry), the player needs to pour them with a watering can.
  • Taking inspirations from Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Putting two flowers next to each other will create a new flower with a mixed color of its "parents" + when walking on a flower a few times, it will disappear.
Any further ideas on what features to add? Tell me in the comments :-)

Feel always free to give me Feedback in the comments or on:

Have a nice day!

Jesper from TakeLime Games