• Introducing Chests - the first interactive Block!
  • Meet the new Titlescreen: Fresh colors, new logo and artstyle-philosophy
  • New on Everplant.net: Comment-System and Podcast-Preview
  • Video Announcement

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Introducing Chests - Everplants first interactive Block 🎮

A few weeks ago, blocks could be destroyed and built - but what's about interacting with a block. I believe, that an interaction between the player and a block is substantial for the atmosphere and illusion, i'm trying to create with this game. The blocks should be more interesting in the player and spark curiosity every time seen.

And in this post, I'm proud to announce, that the first and substantial step into this direction has been done by adding the interactive chest to the game. The new Wood-Chest can be destroyed, built AND opened. For many, this may sound like a no-brainer 😅, but tbh, doing this for the first time was kind of a challenge for me to face.

One reason, why this was so challenging is the fact, that everything must be moddable. In this case, this means, that popup-menues can be created without opening the Godot Game Engine even a single time, as well (optional).

I achieved this by introducing Widgets. They can be customized and manually added by modders, but Everplant now brings several Widgets out of the box. In this case, the Inventory-Widget is the most important one. Modders can now create a popup-ressource using a json-template and add whatever and howmany widgets they want. The code is now capable of putting the right widgets into a popup-menue together at runtime at a very little, unnoticable cost of performance.

In case, modding this sounds interesting to you, feel free to take a closer look at the relevant scripts:

In terms of interactive blocks, Redstone, Buttons, Doors and soooo much more is planned. This is just the beginning! 🏁

Meet the new Titlescreen 🤝

While almost everyting about the game has been massively advanced during the last few months, the Titlescreen always remained the same - and i wanted to change this.

The new Titlescreen offers many benefits:

  • It fits better into the new theme of Everplant
  • Puts the focus to the important elements (play-button etc.)
  • The icons look much more soft & nicer
Whats your opinion on this? Do you like the new design? Share your thoughts in the comments down bellow.

New on Everplant.net ✨

And the game itself was not the only thing improving during the last few days! I also worked on this website in order to establish more social features. I want this website to become a welcoming place to all interested devs and be welcoming to everyone.

The new Comment-System

This is one reason why i recently worked on the new Commenting-System making use of the Open-Source Project Commento. Self-hosting this made me such frustrated that i haven't achieved any kind of success in this field (the only noticable thing is that https://commento.everplant.net is accessable and secured). That's why i'm currently in the 30 days free testing periodt - and have no idea when it expires. I hope that the self-hosting solution works before the 30 days end - but can't promise anything. Please help me if you have any knowledge reguarding Ubuntu, Docker and DSL, pleaseee contact me or leave a message in the comments down bellow :-)

Please give me some feedback reguarding the functionality & design down bellow in the comments ^^

Podcast Announcement

Another upcoming platform to build up a new, welcoming and good community is the podcast where literally everyone can participate.

Just let me know in the comments, join the server and wait for the next event - it's that easy.

For more information, click right here.

And that's it!

There is a new Devlog comming soon on TakeLime's YouTube Channel and the first recording of the GameDev Journey Podcast will be somewhere at the end of July and early August. Feel free to share everything with a friend ^^

I depend on your feedback down bellow in the comments and look forward telling you the next amazing this planned for Everplant!

Enjoy your day,

Jesper :)