• The Galaxy Update: The second last big milestone to Closed Beta 🪐
  • Godot 4.0: What it means for Everplants future 🔮
  • Social Media Expansion: Upcoming content on YouTube, TikTok & Reddit 📈

The Galaxy Update 🪐

Everplant's planets are to be connected in infinite explorable galaxies.
This Galaxy Update has a long way to go, and the first step are the rockets.
Therefore, I've decided that each player should be able to craft modules - the cargo bay, control cabin, boosters, etc.

These can be connected to each other in the welding shop, as desired. So individual spaceships come to life - and the core idea behind Everplant, the living out of your creativity & freedom, is continued in a logical step.

The first task was to create a visual concept:

Everplants popups are organized via various widgets that can be easily configured using it's Modding-Plattform. In fact, the welding-shop is coded like a mod, but part of the vanillla content-package.

This is, what the Welding Shop's Widget looks like:

All in all, when crafting a Welding Shop and opening it, you might face an UI that looks like this (actual in-game footage):

Everything you saw in this Blogpost so far is 100% Moddable!

In the next blogpost, we're going to see how the rockets come to life & start their journey to the stars ✨

  • The first Rocked-Modules will be announced on Twitter very soon.

Godot 4.0 🔮

Godot 4.o will have a significant impact on the engines

  • Performance
  • User-Interface
  • Rendering (Vulkan replaces GLES, also accounts for a gain in performance)
  • 3D-Stuff (Lighting, Raytracing etc.)
  • New Multiplayer-Approach
  • TileMaps

For us, the TileMaps, in which almost all blocks are embeded in, is the most important aspect. First of all, Scene-Based will be merged into the new Scene-Tiles. This means faster developement, better performance and less bugs.

Furtermore, it seems like a more-than-doubled performance can be concluded out of this. Especially Everplant Modding Platform and it's upcoming Marketplace will benefit from these astonishing measurements.

More from the mentioned Multiplayer-front is coming very soon!

Social Media Expansion 📈

Everplant lives from the community! That's why it was always important to me to share a lot of the development with you early on. To expand this circle, TakeLime is now not only available on YouTube, Twitter & Discord, but also on TikTok!

I'm far from being the biggest fan of this platform, but convinced that I'm acting in the best interest of the game.

This can be traced back to a small experiment from last summer - therefore, some content is already online & more will follow soon.
Also a new devlog on YouTube is planned after the next blogpost!

Thanks for your interest! Join us on Discord today & leave a comment <3

Note: I'm aware about the comment-section displaying the same content on each blogpost - a friend is working on a fix ^^