The Developer 👋

Hi, my name is Jesper (17/M) and I'm the head behind TakeLime Games + it's game Everplant. Studying in Europe + passioned about developing games.

Where I grew up 📍

I'm living in the beautiful city of Buxtehude, near Hamburg.


Unexpected Hobbies 🎾


Besides programming and game making, I'm interested in international politics. My main political interests belong to:

  • How the west should treat China
  • Fixing Clima Change
  • The future of the European Union
  • How to achieve a fair society

In 2021, i joined Germanys Green Party to get an opportunity to discuss my opinions.


A lot of years ago I played handball, but my interests later changed towards soccer. Today I play badminton in the Buxtehude sports club.

Sports clear my head and help me staying fit and healthy.


While I always loved listening to music, I started getting interested in making my own at the age of 10 when I started taking drum-lessons. After 5+ years, however, i somehow lost the interest.

In 2020, this chapter took a turn when I discorvered the possibilities of digital music creation and FL-Studio. I want to make most of the soundtracks in Everplant on my own and gain more knowledge in dealing with DAWs.

Lets Talk đŸ’Ŧ

I'm always open to meet new people :) Feel free to use some of the following ways to contact me:

... or contact TakeLime Games: TakeLime Games on the Web