Developement ⚙️

Start: April 19th 2020, originally named "Solarcraft".

Initial concept: Story-based game in a dystopian post-civilized world playing the the last being alive. A scenario best comparable to Disney's Wall-E vision.

The game's very start is set in a dark cave where the player has been frozen for centuries. Surviving, exploring and building gonna be his next challenges.

Tools and Software 🔨

  • It's user-friendliness, outstanding open-source community and motivating learning-curve made me choose the Godot Engine as IDE.
  • Most common progoramming language in-use is GDScript, a Python-like programming language optimized for the Godot IDE.
  • All textures and designes for both the pixelart and UI-elements are exclusively handcrafted for Everplant using Aseprite.
  • JSON-databank management worked best with Visual Studio Code.
  • Everplant's immersive audio-experience is accomplished in the course of a creative workflow between LMMS (open source but comes with a pretty bad UI) and FL Studio for a unique feel.

Quick Facts 💡

  • Most tools used for building up the Everplant Ecosystem are open source.
  • TakeLime is the studio developing Everplant.
  • Default chunk-size is 9x9 blocks.

Unique selling points 🏆

  • Everplant Studio makes the game 100% moddable. Coding skills? Just optional! Range of modifications and speed of workflow are leaving competitors far behind.
  • Multiplanetary space-exploration.
  • Every world is unique and powered by modern world-gen algorithms terraforming your screen into a wohle new galaxy everyday.
  • Multiplayer (most fun with friends!): automatic mod-syncronization across all players, cross-plattform (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Nintento Switch, Playstation and XBox), P2P self-hosting.

Meassuring Social Stats 📐

8.000+ Visitors on

240+ Subscribers on YouTube

180+ Follower on Twitter

While the Everplant Ecosystem is in production, we're looking forward to an ever-growing community gathering around the idea of creating a two-dimensional space for adventures and life.

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